your Deals

  • Free up your Sales team to focus on selling
    Sales reps spend less time "selling internally" so they can focus on "selling externally"
  • Eliminate the back & forth communication
    Eliminate the "blame game" between sales and sales operations.
  • Realtime tracking and metrics to ensure accountability1With Realtime Tracking and Metrics there is global visibility on Status, Volume and Accountability.

Rembly Deal Support Requests

What's a Deal Support Request?

A Deal Support Request (DSR) is any request by Sales for internal support
Examples Include:
- RFP Response Request
- Discount Approval
- Legal Contract Review
- Executive Briefing Request
- NFR Key Request
- Customer Success Support
- Request for Support
- Customer Reference

Why are DSRs so important?

Executing on DSRs plays a Key role in moving a deal thru the sales process faster. The faster a DSR is completed the faster your deals will move forward.

Why Rembly created DSRs

- Frees up sales rep time to focus on selling
- Simple to send, simple to receive and simple to track
- Delivered within Salesforce
- Helps your sales operations  scale
- Eliminate the "blame game"
- Onboarding of new reps is simple
- Real-time visibility and tracking for accountability

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